Videography: Complete Videos

EXOT delivers professional video production whether for companies or private purposes. Since EXOT shares a wide range of experiences - collected in various fields -   he is able to offer the greatest price performance ratio for high quallity. If you are looking for a great soloution to advertise your brands, to llustrate the benefits of your services or to comunicate your identy

Software Competence: Post Production

Work with EXOT for feature projects. He realize professional resultsin editing, logo animation, motion design and color grading even under time pressure.
-Full Software Knowledge: After Effetcs,  Color, Final Cut, Maya, Mocha, pf hoe, Photoshop. 
-Also: Match Mover, Premiere, Avid, 3ds Max, Shake, Combustion, Cinema 4D, Z brush.


Camera Competence: Set Production

Book EXOT as freelancer for your feature projects. In the past he has done a lot of work in various projects. Exot provides you experience in DSRL, Red One, Photography and broadcast. Look into the WORK section for a demo
or just ask me for some more details.

Bachelor of Arts: Academic Degree

In April 2012 EXOT graduated the Bachelor of Arts Degree in digital film making.