Satellite: HOTBIRD 13° East
Freq: 11054
SR: 27500
POL: Horizontal
FEC: 3/4


NEX1 TV headquartered in Germany successfully started broadcasting on name notice day 12/12/2012. NEX1 is operated by Greengate Trading FZE in the hub of Cologne media complex where international names in media production such as RTL operate. We established NEX1 TV with an ambition to transform and modernize the Persian media industry in General Entertainment. NEX1 with its revelation gives viewers a front row seat to watch the best international entertainment programs dubbed in Farsi. NEX1 TV is established with an ambition to transform and modernize the Persian media industry in music, shows and entertainment.

NEX1 TV with its revelation to the world of pop culture and music gives viewers a front row seat to see the best well-known Persian and international names in music and entertainment. NEX1 TV is neither partially nor fully associated to any political, religious, cultural or ethnic groups and it’s only designed to bring in cheerful moments to your homes. Our audiences are the reason why NEX1 is born today. Only with your remarks and commentaries we can offer you the ultimate fresh and up-to-the-minute sources of entertainment you deserve.

Broadcasting System

Our sophisticated broadcasting system enables programming of all elements present on air such as programs, videos, graphics, advertisements and graphic elements broadcasted during various programs. In the broadcasting system created and maintained by NEX1, modernity of applied technologies and high level of automated processes and integration of various applications play an important role. Due to such system, great flexibility is possible in broadcasting our programs and creating the lineup in such a way that is most appealing for our audience and gives it justified sense of co-production and having real impact on the content of the broadcasted program.



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