Client: The Stallionairs
Producer: Kupefilms, Exot, Ricky Romance
Director: Exot, Wittus, Ricky Romance
Camera:  Exot, Wittus
Post: Exot

Project Info

Mar 2012. Again, we was going back to Los Angeles for doing some Event Films. After work, we decided to spend several days to met some friends fot getting access to great local musicans. hopefully, they could offer us some jobs. So Wittus ( from and i ( ) met the guys called "the staillioniars". We than decided to do a quick and nice looking performance video at the City of Inglewood ( LA ). Additionally we recorded funny scenes with playing children, barbecue with the neighbours and family. All these things represents good things youl would not expect in a ruff / dangerous area like South Central LA. Simultaneously we covered pictures that stands for the bad side of their life: scars, liquors and doing drugs.